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Bulk SMS

Bulk sms provider

Before joining business bulk SMS, you need to know the basics of SMS service. Text messages are used for communication and advertising is also a form of communication. To disseminate information on the launch of new products, introduce new companies and encourage people to visit certain websites through print ads. SMS marketing is also a method of spreading information and a distributor of SMS is the person, flashing mass messages.

SMS service provider bulk certainly not the competitor of mobile networks while working closely with the networks. SMS service provider uses the network infrastructure. Network service provider charge for use of infrastructure and also allow the service provider to access its database of mobile users. In other words, both networks and provider services work in close partnership.

What is Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS to trigger automatic messages from specific transactions such as receiving notifications about online purchases, withdrawals and bank deposits or automatic debits notifications about your client has scheduled. You can parameterize the events you want to trigger the notification, according to the needs of your business.

Promotional SMS?

Like the term suggests, a promotional SMS is sent with the purpose to market, advertise or promote one’s products or accommodations. If the SMS has been sent with the purport to verbalize about something that is salable, then it will be placed under the category of promotional SMS. No matter whether the SMS is desired or not by the recipient, if it endeavors to sell anything, it will still be considered as a promotional one.