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Why is it important to create a responsive design applications?

Now it is difficult to present the user himself, which would not be a mobile device or even multiple devices with Internet connection. In fact, mobile devices on the planet now more than people. Furthermore, their number is increased to 5 times faster than that of humans.

Number of mobile users exceeds the number of adherents of desktop computers and is constantly increasing. It is therefore important to create sites that would be suitable for users of all types of devices such as desktop and mobile. The best solution for this is a responsive web design (Responsive Web Design).

Benefits of responsive web design


Responsive web design for smooth rendering of pages and allows content to move freely around the screen, while maintaining its original appearance on a device of any type.

Improved performance

Responsive web design is more convenient for the user. It allows you to view the content of the site at any time on any device. Thus, there is no need for additional content scrolling or changing the size, regardless of device type.

Economic efficiency

Adaptive web applications look equally well on desktop and mobile devices, as well as on tablets. Create a responsive design saves time and money to develop, because there is no need to develop and maintain multiple vresii the same site (for example, desktop and mobile versions included).

Simplified site optimization

When your site has two versions (a desktop and mobile), you have to hold two separate in their promotion campaign. Promote a version of the site much easier.

Google Recommended

Ranking site in Google search to a large extent depends on the adaptability of your website. Google has appreciated the adaptability and considers the use of adaptive Web sites other than practice. Google regularly check how your website is displayed on various devices and how it is convenient for viewing.